Recycling and environmental processes

Nilfisk-CFM High Power Vacuums have been designed for use in heavy industries where the re-cycling of the materials is required. For this application using two units is advisable: the pre - separator, available with several discharge options, where the most of the recovered material deposits and then the suction unit for reaching the lighter volatile dust. During the process of recylcing besides the collection of dusts, there is the requirement to recover the debris falling onto the conveyor belts. The pre separator discharges the material and it is them put again in the cycle.

Other application fields

Aviation | Agriculture | Ship Building | Building and Construction | Cement, brick and related industries | Chemical and Pharmaceutical | Cleaning | Coffee Plants | Electronics | Food | Goldsmiths | Foundries | Transport | Incinerators | Industrial Plant Maintenance | Laser Technology | Mechanical Engineering | OEM | Winerys and vineyards | Optics | Paper Mills | Plastics and rubber manufacturing | Recycling and environmental processes | Textiles | Boiler and heating systems | Liquid Disposal