Mechanical Engineering

Image Library LinkNilfisk-CFM developes industrial vacuums for many industrial segments. Inside the Nilfisk-CFM range you can find specific vacuums to collect large debris, solids and oil. Industrial vacuums can be used to separate solids from liquids, emulsions from shavings, with this process oils can be regenerated allowing more cost effective production processes.

Nilfisk-CFM offers also offers industrial vacuums to collect graphite, carbon and fine powders.

Industrial vacuums are often used as fixed installations and can be equipped with many accessories and options to ensure each machine is suitable for each individual cleaning requirement.

Other application fields

Aviation | Agriculture | Ship Building | Building and Construction | Cement, brick and related industries | Chemical and Pharmaceutical | Cleaning | Coffee Plants | Electronics | Food | Goldsmiths | Foundries | Transport | Incinerators | Industrial Plant Maintenance | Laser Technology | Mechanical Engineering | OEM | Winerys and vineyards | Optics | Paper Mills | Plastics and rubber manufacturing | Recycling and environmental processes | Textiles | Boiler and heating systems | Liquid Disposal