The Nilfisk-CFM "High Power" line has been designed for use in heavy industry and in particular for operating in incinerators. For this application Nilfisk-CFM recommends the use of two units: the pre-separator which is available with various discharge options where most of the collected material deposits and the suction unit are reached by the lightest dusts only. The suction of dross and ashes especially near ovens and the dust pulling down zones are of fundamental importance: the benefits of the correct cleaning are clear improved working area conditions and products, increases in productivity and cost savings.

Other application fields

Aviation | Agriculture | Ship Building | Building and Construction | Cement, brick and related industries | Chemical and Pharmaceutical | Cleaning | Coffee Plants | Electronics | Food | Goldsmiths | Foundries | Transport | Incinerators | Industrial Plant Maintenance | Laser Technology | Mechanical Engineering | OEM | Winerys and vineyards | Optics | Paper Mills | Plastics and rubber manufacturing | Recycling and environmental processes | Textiles | Boiler and heating systems | Liquid Disposal