Nilfisk-CFM industrial vacuums are suitable for use in every type of application, and are used in the goldsmith's sector.The primary need of the firms operating in this sector is to recover the material dispersed during the process of production. Due to the small quantities of material for collection, customers use the "white series" of vacuums called "bases" available in both horizontal and vertical versions. Thanks to the small dimensions and the low sound level, our machines can be positioned anywhere in the laboratory. An additional filter bag is fitted into the vac to recover the powders dispersed during the production process. Once finished  the filter bag is taken off and burnt: enabling the recovery of the collected particles. We can supply the customer with a centralised vacuum system with a 15 HP machine to enable the client to pick up material from different points at the same time. Even in this case the main purpose is collecting the dispersed particles. Therefore the machine is equipped with an absolute filter, to retain the collected debris in case of breakage of the filter bag.

Other application fields

Aviation | Agriculture | Ship Building | Building and Construction | Cement, brick and related industries | Chemical and Pharmaceutical | Cleaning | Coffee Plants | Electronics | Food | Goldsmiths | Foundries | Transport | Incinerators | Industrial Plant Maintenance | Laser Technology | Mechanical Engineering | OEM | Winerys and vineyards | Optics | Paper Mills | Plastics and rubber manufacturing | Recycling and environmental processes | Textiles | Boiler and heating systems | Liquid Disposal